Top Events You Shouldn't Miss in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's most fascinating destinations, offering tourists an excellent blend of historical and cultural attractions, top food and drink, and hospitality that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Before you book your cheap Hong Kong flights, you may want to check the events calendar to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday by travelling when there are festivals and entertainment that interest you.

Whether you are hoping to explore the city's rich cultural heritage, enjoy fast-paced sport or make sure the children are entertained, there should be something in Hong Kong to keep you occupied, however long your stay.

If you are travelling with kids, one of the best days out in the city is Wetland Park's 'Bouncy Wetland' exhibition, which runs annually from June to November.

It focuses on the lifecycle and characteristics of the mudskipper, a fascinating amphibious fish that is native to the area.

The fish is primarily recognised for spending large amounts of time out of the water, hopping through wetland areas in order to defend its territory or communicate with other mudskippers.

Kids and adults can learn how this amazing creature can survive so long out of the water through a series of art workshops, guided tours and film shows, making this a surefire hit for the whole family.

For those more interested in brushing up on their local history knowledge, a trip to the Hong Kong Museum of Art in the Tsim Sha Tsui district may be a better option.

One event that is worth checking out is the A Lofty Retreat from the Red Dust: The Secret Garden of Emperor Qianlong exhibition - with his reign considered to be one of the most important times for Chinese art.

The Qianlong Garden in Beijing's Forbidden City is an example of the high art that was produced during this era and now various exhibits from the garden will be on show in Hong Kong.

The garden was commissioned by the emperor in time for his retirement and items from this fascinating historical attraction include murals, architectural elements and paintings.

Another exciting addition to the museum is the Dragon in Chinese Art exhibition, which is a collaboration with the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong and presents more than 200 items with images of the famous mythical creature.

With exhibits dating back to the Neolithic period, this is definitely one attraction that you won't want to miss, especially in the year of the dragon!

Open six days a week and with free admission, there is no excuse not to become a culture vulture and expand your knowledge of China's extraordinary history.

Looking for some laughs? The annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival will be running from September to October, showcasing the talents of a range of home-grown and international talent.

Set across various venues in the city, you will get the chance to see American comedian Ruben Paul, as well as witness the now famous English and Chinese International Comedy Competitions, where the eventual winners take home a cash prize.

Alternatively, the New Vision Arts Festival - which happens every two years - may be of interest if you prefer music, dance and drama.

Gathering together top-quality productions from across the world, this event has a number of highlights, including The Next Generations - a contemporary theatre classic - and the acclaimed German orchestral band Ensemble Modern.

There will also be a concert by Chinese contemporary musician and singer Dadawa, who is best known for scooping an Independent Music Award for best fusion album in 2008.

Avant-garde bands are a common theme, with unconventional groups formed from different continents hitting the stage to entertain the crowds, such as The Butterfly Effect: East-West Percussive Parade. This will see three international drummers play alongside Japanese guitar legend Sugizo and US guitarist and cellist Knox Chandler.

Last but not least, if you are a sports buff then the Hong Kong Squash Open is an occasion you won't want to miss.

Boasting some fast and frantic action, the tournament will pit 30 of the world's best players against each other in an effort to crown a champion in the male and female categories.

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