Activity and Attraction Add-Ons for Increased Vacation Tour Productivity

Individuals looking to engage in a new type of activity are drawn to adding various types of events to add to their vacation package. Affordable tours offer the customer the luxury of adding additional activities and events to create a whole new experience of leisure fun and adventure at a reasonable price for the traveler. Doing so enables travelers to engage in a fun set of experiences in the departure city before leaving for the main vacation tour for singles, families, friends or businesses.

The demand for additional activities and why they go?

Comprise a large majority of U.S. travel activities, the demand for pre and post activities are rarely capitalized by travel booking agencies and tour operators. When combined with a vacation tour package, the core leisure travel market creates a new opportunity for profit and increased margin on selling an ancillary service above cost. Doing so increases the range operators and agents are able to play with when considering discounting the price of tour packages for the consumer. A smart business and marketing tactic as well as savvy financing then makes the value of the entire package increase while maintaining low costs for the business. Integrating activities, events and attractions in the booking flow allows the consumer to be informed immediately about his options. Flexibility is paramount when risk is allowed due to the potential losses an operator or agent may need to take at first. The hope is to recoup the cost on ancillary services.

The process for advance activity booking

Travel activities that travelers rate as very important tend to be booked in advance before the majority of the tour experience is booked. The most important activities are usually booked before anything else, while moderate activities that are a bit more casual may be booked toward the end of the trip. Marketing and advertising to promote the advance booking of attractions and activities are important to reach the casual consumer early in the buying cycle. A few vacation tour package operators currently give consumers this option when booking their vacation.

The importance of the activity product cycle

It's important to understand the activity booking habits of consumers when determining the ROI impact. The lag between initial booking and activity booking may increase depending on a lot of different factors. Keep in mind; the most important activities are usually booked first. Perhaps a friendly reminder for discounted activities a short time before the passenger departs is needed for increasing the productivity of affordable tours.

Interested in adding activities to your booking process? Here are a few examples of shows, tours, events and more activities for your customers.

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